The Hunted: Movie Review

The Blair W-oh no. That's not us!

The Blair W-oh no. That’s not us!

Indeed, in comes yet another found footage film trying in all desperation to cash in on the lowest investment possible, waiting for the almost impending box office success. Horror films made with such technique are not just cheap, but have a major fan base; which is primarily why they work so well. This, in turn, is why such films are made time and again, with almost no heed paid to the quality of the movies. While this is the sad truth of how this genre-type works, what’s most unfortunate is that the found-footage technique has immense potential to dazzle the discerning viewer with nothing but the sheer challenge of creativity the makers are posed with when taking such a thing up.

Films like The Blair Witch ProjectEnd of Watch and Chronicle worked with the critics mainly because of the choice of cast, and the technique’s use to lend authenticity, or it being twisted around with ample justification to lend a fairly crazy setup to the proceedings. The makers’ understanding of the use of the technique as a weapon more than anything else is the only reason movies as such can achieve the required creative leverage they deserve more than anyone else.

At such a cynical time of our lives arrived a smallish film – the debut directorial effort of actor Josh Stewart (television’s No Ordinary Family) – we’ve all come to know as The Hunted last year. The movie just ended up making its humble release around here, and – cynical of the way the film was made already – I decided to go check it out, which was a big step for me primarily because I steer clear of horror as much as possible – the coward that I can be with such movies.

– excerpt of the review by Ankit Ojha

So, this is a confession – I cannot watch horror movies, because – you know – well, horror. And I’m basically too scared of such film BUT OH WELL! I was right at this special screening watching the movie, primarily because despite The Blair Witch Project being absolutely scary, I wanted something more of the same kind. Did it work? Didn’t it? Read more HERE: